Beautiful Ceramic Desk Clocks- And Other Ceramic Gift Ideas!

This time of the year is all about…. MOM!
With Mother’s Day sneaking in the corner- we are all about Mother’s day gift ideas and special handmade accessory treats from Etsy!

For those of you who have a mom that LOVES vintage looking items, and “the good ol’days” I have found the perfect Etsy shop for your 2018 Mother’s Day gift!

This ceramic obsessed shop is called Retro Style Ceramics, and the owner of the shop, Nizah, is giving me some chills as I start to feel a new obsession rising- ceramic desk clocks!

small-desk-clock-ball-shaped-orange-ceramic-table-clock-orange-ceramic-clock-shelf-clock-vintage-retro-style-clock-ball-clock-1-1-7892997 small-desk-clock-ball-shaped-white-ceramic-desk-clock-small-table-clock-shelf-clock-vintage-retro-style-clock-ball-clock-table-clock-9730472

Aren’t they amazing?
In the spirit of spring and nature- you could also find a unique ceramic desk clock, my favorite of all the ceramic desk clocks in Nizah store- a pomegranate ceramic desk clock!! I am in AWE!


What I loved more than looking at this pomegranate ceramic desk clock- was seeing how much other people liked it as well!


This type of review is not something you don’t see everyday with Nizah- as her Etsy shop, Retro Style Ceramics, is filled with 5 star reviews of very happy people!

small-desk-clock-ball-shaped-royal-purple-ceramic-desk-clock-purple-ceramic-clock-vintage-retro-style-clock-ball-clock-table-clock-1509228 small-desk-clock-ball-shaped-turquoise-ceramic-table-clock-turquoise-ceramic-clock-shelf-clock-vintage-retro-style-clock-ball-clock-6665273 small-desk-clock-ball-shaped-orange-ceramic-table-clock-orange-ceramic-clock-shelf-clock-vintage-retro-style-clock-ball-clock-8866200

Care to get a ceramic desk clock for mother’s day? Want to see what other ceramic accessories Nizah has in her shop?

Visit Retro Style Ceramics today!

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