Handmade Wall Decor From Bell Pepper Studio

If you are looking to decorate your walls with one of a kind items and at the same time help a fellow woman to build her business- Etsy is one h#ck of a way to do it!
You can visit a store called- Bell Pepper Studio and see some inspiring (And actually kinda cute) handmade art you can add to your house and give it more colour!

Bell Pepper Studio Etsy store is owned by Rebecca Testa fromPhiladelphia, PA, United States, and she is just a goddess with a needle! Her beautiful assortment of art are very simple, but who said you need complicated?

She has so many animal-inspired designs for those of you with pets or who love animals. Like this little bone on the left 🙂 Well, you can probably guess by the looks of her store that Rebecca is a pet owner. With 2 dogs in the house- your art must be affected just a little bit!

What I love the most is these kind of stores is the story behind them. Rebecca actually has a good one. Her art came from a sad place, after battling depression most of her life. I think it’s amazing that people who suffer so much on the inside can turn to art for an outlet, like I often turn to music-making in order to calm myself down. I think it’s even more amazing that she decided to put her art work out there, for sale and display and take a true shot of making her own business!

Here are two more cool designs by Rebecca, you can click on the images and you will be redirected to her store:

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