Harmony Bracelets Handmade with Love in Canada

Meet Nique and Jazz- the creative souls behind BijouLuxeBracelets Etsy store!

People often celebrate the well known Etsy sellers, the ones who’ve been there since the website started, with over 12K sales… Well- not today!
Today I want to celebrate 2 people who only now opened their store- and already made their first sale!


Nique and Jazz are making beautiful bracelets that are more than just plain old jewelry…
Everything in nature is in relations to at least one element of life- Earth, fire, water and Sky (aka- air). And when you find what’s your connection, when you discover what is your element- wearing it on you can bring good fortune just as much as you’d get wearing a luck charm or a birthstone necklace.


Using powerful healing stones, like Fire Agate, Carnelian, Citrine, Olive Jade, Jasper, Amethyst, Rose Quartz and more- these bracelets could be the thing to bring you clarity, help you meditate and focus your CHI.

If you like these beautiful chakra and protection bracelets make sure to visit Nique and Jazz’s Facebook and Instagram accounts- opened especially for their new store on Etsy!

Visit their shop to learn more!


Remember- Buying from Etsy is supporting real family businesses!

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