3 Accessories Any Woman Need !

If you are thinking about the perfect life- you know it involves some accessories! And I found the 3 accessories every woman needs to own. These 3 accessories would make any outfit look personalized and stylish, and will simply make you feel… Better! Ready to start?

In order to find these unique items I turned to Etsy- looking for 3 accessories that I feel would make any simple outfit look amazing! I recommend wearing them when you are all BLACK or all WHITE– leaving these items to pop out and share your style with the world. Ready to start?

1 – A Bangle Bracelete

Bangle bracelets are one of the reasons why I am obsessed with the 60’s, and I am so happy to see that this fashion trend is still in our world, especially when I see one as perfect as this one, from an Etsy store NT Handmade Jewelry. This special bangle holds a real flower inside, and with only 1 available, you better get to it FAST! You can order it from anywhere in the world and it will be shipped to you by the store seller, Nikola, from Colorado, United States. With over 600 sales, this is one of the most trusted sellers on Etsy, and here’s why I just love this store- cause this flower bangle is perfection!

2 – A Pink Bag

And not just any pink bag… But the most special one I could find around the web. This one belongs to an Etsy store called Badimyon and it is simply priceless! And quite cheap for a priceless item, if I may say so myself…
Just look at how perfect it is and remember you can order it from anywhere int he world and it would be shipped to you all the way from Israel:

3 – A Birthstone Necklace

Last but not least we have the special Birthstone Necklace from Etsy store IrinSkye. This handmade item is custom to your specific birth stone, and is shipped worldwide from the states. Store seller has over 5000 reviews- making this a sure purchase!

3 Accessories Any Woman Need
3 Accessories Any Woman Need


So stop wasting time by reading this post, and go order one of these amazing items NOW!

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