The Bag Trends Of Poland

BAGS- every woman needs one, two, three and even 7 different bags in her daily life routine. Whenever you leave the house a bag will come out with you, in different sized, shapes and colours. Bags- are a fashion item that will never disappear for women. So- if you want to make sure your bag is adding to your style and not just hanging there- this post is for you!

Meet Aleksandra Szewczuk.
Sandra, nickname, is a talented illustrator, painter and fashion designer from Poland! The big web is allowing us to find amazing items from all over the world with Amazon and eBay, and in Sandra’s case- with Etsy, the online shopping mall for handmade goods!

Sandra makes the most beautiful bags, taking careful attention to details, and keeping them as stylish as possible. Some of her bag trends haven’t even reached the States yet- so you can be sure that wearing one of her handmade bags will mean- you’re look will be one of a kind! You could see her unique style and work in her website. It is currently in Polish and will soon be translated to English. In the meantime- you could see an English description of her products in her Etsy store!

Her Etsy store is called tukosmosbags, and in it she sells… HUGE bags! I mean- really really big bags- as if you could place camping gear in them- and yet- so stylish in their Tote-like figure! She also creates cross-body bags (or shoulder bags) that are smaller and more of a hangable-purse than a bag.
I really do think that Sandra’s amazing selection will make it possible for any woman to find something she likes in her store!

You can keep track on Sandra’s new designs and promotions in her Twitter page, Instagram account or Like her page on Facebook– she always has something cool posting there!

For more of Sandra’s bags- visit her Etsy store!

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