Amelia Designs Entire-House Wall Decals

If you look at most wall decals stores on Etsy you would be able to spot a theme… Some are designed for children’s rooms, other stores target college students, and some apply for living rooms. But with this one Etsy store called Amelia you would be able to find amazing wall decals that could fit multipole rooms in house, thus ordering from the same seller and cutting down on shipping costs.

With Amelia Etsy store, you can find wall decals from two categories- love of travel and love of nature. The store holds a unique selection of wall decals shaped like trees, added with birds, in various colours, such as the one you can see above the text in this post. But what I loved the most about Amelia, and maybe it’s just the traveller in me who’s speaking, were the map-wall-decals:

A little bit info on AMELIA

Etsy store Amelia Design was created by the Lovet Family, as the store is named after their youngest daughter Amelia. With years of experience and expertise in creating unique decorations, the Lovet family design, print, cut and ship all decals by themselves. (Isn’t that amazing?). Within their Etsy store, the Lovet family posted this statement:

As this is a business, customer relations is our A priority. Everyday we strive to provide the best client experience possible! We realize that our clients are the ones who make us thrive and is bringing out the best in our team. By every order we’re getting more inspired for new designs.

Their decals are made of the best Oracle vinyl available in the market. They are by far- the easiest decals to put on your walls, more tear and stretch resistance, and can all be purchased according to this colour chart:

So go ahead and see more amazing designs by Amelia- HERE!

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