Get Lost In Nature…

Times are changing… I think I see it more cause I’m always online- but it’s true nonetheless.
Years ago people were praised for taking a good photo, these days- everyone has their own camera, effects and editing softwares. People travel more, they choose a more personal wall art, and mostly prefer to have DIY projects than spend money on photography.

Amber Kat Anderson is a great photographer. In her Etsy store, lostkatphotography, she sells prints of her work in various sizes. Her high quality prints of travel landscape and cultures have been selling quite well when she started… But times changed. Well- so did she!

Amber realized that if you can’t beat them- join them! She started searching for ways to spread her art again, to share her travel with people… She found some interesting production partners, local US businesses that could help spread her work around- and started taking all of these high resolution and high quality photographs- and print them BIG & SMALL!

Small comfy pillow covers for living room decor, and HUGE wall tapestries!

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