Grace’s Unique Fashion Experience

If you’re looking for unique fashion accessories- you need to meet Grace Yeboah Ofori.
Grace is a fashion “trender” bringing you unique fashion trends from countries like Tibet, Africa, and more.

Her unique accessory collection revolves around jewelry… However, in these unique cultures- a necklace doesn’t mean JUST a beaded necklace.
With jewelry items made from various fabrics and have different dimensions, Grace’s accessories will fit anyone- in any style!

While some people think that you need the whole get-up to “pull off” wearing one of these items… I say no!
African and Tibetan large fabric necklaces will look totally awesome- when wearing a total western outfit!

Just browse around the items of Grace’s shop, TruFaceByGrace, and see which of these unique tribal accessories- would fit your everyday tank top and jeans look!

If you like Grace’s style- follow her around! (on social media, of course) On her channels you’ll find all her latest items, as well as info regarding sales and deals!

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Visit Tru Face By Grace shop for more!

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