NYC Bomb-It outfits

If you’re looking for a unique top to wear, for both men and women, a printed t-shirt is always the best way to go!

I found an awesome place for unique t-shirts that commemorate great everyday brands- while replacing their main word into something else. The obvious immediate thought about the brand, combined with the different word- makes for an eye-catching t-shirt no one could look away from.

As someone who spent quite a lot of times assembling IKEA furnitures – the FUCK tshirt was definatly my favorite 🙂 Most designs are available in black or white, and some are available in a cool nifty sweatshirt, like this one:

Another thing I love about this online store is the creativity… I mean, have a look at this FUREX tshirt… Clearly it says FUREX but what they really mean is… F UR Ex (yup, I said a dirty word…). Brilliant, right?

You can check out more designs and nifty ideas in at Bomb It shop online, and you could also follow them on Instagram for updates, promos and new designs!

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