Hen Tal, More Than Just A Naked Girl

Hen Tal, More Than Just A Naked Girl

And Hen Tal found that out when she decided to share with her followers the news about her recent miscarriage. So, she takes off her cloths for publicity and followers. I can give you a million names of known female figures who do exactly that. However, a woman is a woman, with feeling and emotions that shouldn’t be taken for granted just because she is “out there”.

I shed a few tears while reading hen Tal’s post about her recent few days and finding out she had lost her baby. But the comments to that post turned my tears into actual rage. From the vague comments of “That’s what you deserve for being a sl*t” to the more elaborate comments telling her that God sees everything, and maybe she miscarried cause god saw she isn’t doing something real with her life. But I think she is.

Animal’s Rights Activist

They say anyone can get themselves famous, question is- what do you do with it. And to my opinion- Hen Tal did plenty. After deciding she is done with eating animals, she dedicated her page to calling out people to take the “22 days” challenge.

In this recent picture she appears with animal rights activist, and winner of “Big Brother Israel” season 6- Tal Gilboa.

I’m not a vegetarian. In fact- I’m as far away from that as possible… The vegan scene in Israel in the past few grew violent, making me wonder how can people listen to vegan opinions when those are being shouted at them, along with curses and acts of violence. However, I have nothing but respect for people who shout out their beliefs with class, like hen tal.

So Hen, if you ever read this know that you made a believer out of me. A believer in human strength. You turned a girl who once thought you’re publicly shaming yourself, into a woman who is proud to say that no one has the right to tell any woman what to do with her body.

Hen Tal, More Than Just A Naked Girl
Hen Tal, More Than Just A Naked Girl

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