How Amazing Fabric Can Look…

Shipping worldwide from Bali, Indonesia, The Women Team is proud to present the coolest Etsy store we’ve ever written about! I mean- there are yoga outfits, and there are YUGA outfits.
The name is Yulia Demidova, the brand is YUGAclothes, the fabrics are super light and comfortable, and the designs are simply out of this world… A combination of a yoga instructor, a ninja and a love goddess.

Every item in YUGAclothes Etsy store has a kick of it’s own. Some are made from the lightest of fabrics, some can be warn from both sides, but they all have something in common- they all look so good it’s simply hard to resist ordering them all!

These items are perfect for training, yoga, martial arts practices- or even for everyday wear, and even for events and special occasions. I had a hard time picking just a few that I like- but here are my favorites:

So go ahead and see more items from the YUGA brand 🙂

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