Sweet T-Shirt Designs by a Mother of Three from Rhode Island

OK, so if you’re looking to do some weekend shopping- I got you covered!
It’s no secret I love Etsy, honestly… However, some people say they don’t really “connect” to Etsy. I’ve had readers telling me that Etsy is only for women (false), only for jewelry making or crochet (false) and that you only find decorative products there or accessories (another false statement).

In fact- Etsy has pretty much everything!
From beaded jewelry to furniture, from Christmas decorations to baptism dresses for little girls, from vintage brooches to canvas art. The sellers are from all over the world, working locally or shipping worldwide. Some have offices and studios, others work from their living room or garage. Some are single, some are married, some are young, some have already retired… The one thing all of the sellers on Etsy have in common- is a dream.

Stay at home moms

Stay at home moms do a lot more than they get credit for… Raising children is honestly a full time, one that don’t pay much and always have overtime. A lot of stay at home moms try to find something else to do other than their kids, a way to generate extra income to the household, while utilizing the skills they had before they gave up their jobs for their kids.

One of those Etsy sellers is Stacy McCafferty, and if you think that Etsy is only for GIRLS or for DECOR- she can prove you otherwise!

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