Kultured- The Best Etsy Shop For Cool Stuff For Your Apt!

Ok, now I am thrilled! I have been reviewing cool and funky Etsy stores since the day I started writing for The Women team, but this store is really the best thing ever! Ever saw a coffee mug with a funny statement at a friend’s house and wanted one too? Ever ran into the most amazing and funky pillow cover and wanted it to be yours? Well, now you can, with Kultured!

Kultured is an Etsy store with the coolest style ever… Coming to you from Hamilton, New Zealand, the owner of this Etsy store ships worldwide. Just take a look at all the funky items I found there and see for yourselves.. From amazing coffee mugs, to the best pillow casings ever, and even the bext map of the world I have ever seen!! Are you ready? Let’s start! (If at any point you wish to purchase one of the items, click here, just warning you– this store is addictive!)

Funky & Funny Coffee Mugs

You can see a variety of amazing and funny statement coffee/tea mugs at Kultured Etsy store… My two favourite being… “Bitch better have my coffee” and “Abracadabra- Nope, you’re still a bitch!”.

The Pillows You Can Sleep GOOD With!

I just love pillows with cool writings on them… Like these two here, and also the his&hers set at the top of the post… Don’t you? The pillows are pre-printed and handmade!

Design Away

A touch of colour is always a good thing… Especially when it comes with my 2 favourite things- the world and music!

Kultured coffee mug
Kultured coffee mug

So what are you waiting for? It’s time for shopping!

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