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I love to see Niched sites, sites that are dedicated to one amazing and unique thing- taking one subject and bringing out the most of it! One of these sites in Hoprom- an online shop specializing in the best prom dresses trends you’ll ever see! And now- with a new year starting- Hoprom has shared some of their latest trends in prom dress fashion – and I am excited!

These unique high quality prom dresses are not just for prom! They look so amazing that you could easily use them as bridesmaid dresses, or reuse them after prom for any other big event!

Here are my personal favorite prom dresses 2019 from Hoprom:

As you can see- I have a bit of an obsession for BLUE prom dresses, but if you’re into more classical colors- such as red or black- here are some special and always classy black and red prom dresses:

The items I have selected to show here are just a fraction of the full prom dress collection you’ll be able to find at

Hoprom online shop!

So take a virtual tour of Hoprom and

go find that perfect prom dress for you!

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