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Lifting masks: Homemade face lifting masks

Homemade face lifting masks

Lifting masks, what are, and how its made homemade.  Find out the properties of the preparation and use of natural home lifting masks that can completely replace expensive cosmetics. The skin has one unpleasant property, over the years it loses its natural softness and beauty, gradually it begins to sag and ugly wrinkles appear. Of course, this problem cannot be completely avoided, but it is a great opportunity to slow down this process significantly. For this purpose, a variety of cosmetics and methods are used. The most effective are homemade lifting masks that are easy to make yourself using only high-quality and natural ingredients. Regularly performing such procedures will allow you to stop the completely expensive services of a professional beautician because the effect will not be worse.

The combination of home masks with lifting effects contains only natural ingredients that can be selected according to the type of skin and its condition. Among such cosmetics is the fact that the process of their preparation does not take much time and can be performed at any time.

Tips for lifting masks

To take care of aging and skin aging, it is recommended to use a lifting mask from home regularly. Thanks to such cosmetics, the skin is leveled, the epidermis tightened and the natural softness restored.

In order to use home lifting masks for maximum benefit, you need to know in which cases they are prescribed:

  • The presence of small mimics of wrinkles;
  • To restore the oval face;
  • With a dull complexion;
  • To remove a double chin;
  • With age spots and freckles;
  • With weakness in the skin.

Contraindications to lifting masks

Despite the fact that only natural ingredients are included in home lifting masks, they have certain contraindications, including:

  • Allergy to the constituents of the mask;
  • Up to 30 years of age;
  • If you have recently had plastic surgery (if less than 6 months have passed since the operation);
  • With fresh tan;
  • In the presence of scratches, abrasions, and wounds;
  • With dermatitis and inflammation;
  • Herpes infection in exacerbation.

How to apply a lifting mask?

The hoist should only be prepared with fresh ingredients before use. It is strictly forbidden to store these cosmetics. After using this type of mask, it is strictly forbidden to massage the face, but it can be done before using the product because the muscles actually relax and great benefits are obtained.

It is also necessary to wear the lifting mask correctly. First, you need to lie on your back and try to completely relax the muscles of the face and in this situation, you need to be from the beginning to the end of the cosmetic.

Positive effects cannot be achieved if the face is in an upright position, as the muscles begin to turn down. It is often possible to find suggestions for wearing masks with a lifting effect in several layers. It is the poet who needs to bring a surplus of money to the area so that he does not have to stand up.

At first glance, this cosmetic procedure may seem quite complicated and it will be difficult to do it yourself. But with a little practice, you can learn to do everything yourself and you do not need the help of a friend. Rinse the mask with plenty of clean water, but do not use additional detergents. Each recipe indicates the number of actions to be performed. You should not use a mask lift too often, as this method will not give a positive result, but there is a risk of worsening the situation. Professional beauticians recommend using a mask lift on courses, but no longer than 2-3 months.

Homemade lifting mask with egg white

Very often, ingredients such as egg whites are added to hair care and rejuvenating masks, as this component has an almost instant lifting effect. The protein also has the property of smoothing the surface of the epidermis and narrowing enlarged pores. But these effects are not long-lasting and can disappear after a few hours. Therefore, it is recommended to wear such masks before an important meeting.

Egg white and honey mask

To make such a mask, you need to beat the egg whites well and then add the liquid honey (1 tsp). The resulting composition is applied to a previously cleansed face and you need to lie down for about 20 minutes. When the mask dries, the mask will begin to tighten the skin, but at this time you should not strain the muscles, otherwise, such a procedure will not have a positive effect. The mask is rinsed off with warm water and then the cream is applied to the skin.

Protein and lemon peel mask

To make such a lifting mask you need to grind lemon peel (1 teaspoon), take the juice of this citrus fruit (1 teaspoon), flour (2 teaspoons), and beaten egg whites. All components are thoroughly mixed and the resulting composition is applied to the skin, after 5-7 minutes you need to wash with cold water. This mask cleans and tightens pores, and has a whitening and stiffening effect.

Oatmeal mask

Sour cream or kefir (1 tsp.) is mixed with whipped protein, oatmeal is introduced. The result should be a mass of thick creamy consistency. You can replace oatmeal with flakes that were previously ground in a coffee grinder. Regular use of such a mask helps to tighten the skin, and restores softness, and a pleasant matte appearance.

Homemade lifting masks with clay

Today, cosmetic clay is often added to a variety of face and body skin care masks. Such funds are becoming more and more popular every day, as they are not only easy to set up yourself at home but achieve the desired result in a relatively short time.

Clay is a completely natural and unique material, as it has not only nourishing but also cleansing properties. It contains large amounts of vitamins and microbes that are valuable for the skin; it also has a pronounced lifting effect.

You can use any kind of cosmetics, depending on your skin type and problem. All types of clay have a noticeable lifting effect.

To make a hardening mask you need to take warm water (1 tbsp. L.) and clay (1 tsp. L.). To enhance the effect of this tool, you can add peach essential oil (1 tsp.) to its composition. This type of oil is completely caring for the aging and aging of the skin and restores a healthy color.

First, you need to take a comfortable position, relax all the muscles of the face and apply a ready-made mask on the skin. After 15 minutes, wash with warm water and cleanse the skin from the remnants of the product.

This combination can be used as a base. It is recommended to add a variety of nourishing and emollient ingredients to it – for example, lemon juice, natural yogurt, or honey. It is useful to add an oil solution of vitamin E (1 teaspoon) to masks with clay, as it is a natural vitamin for teenagers, which provides the skin with perfect nutrition.

Collagen lifting masks

Collagen is a protein that is responsible for the elasticity of the skin. Due to insufficient amount, the epidermis becomes slow, wrinkles appear, premature aging begins, and the face literally floats down and loses its clear outline.

To replenish collagen in the body, you can take special supplements or use expensive cosmetics designed to take care of the aging of the skin. But the most effective is homemade collagen lifting masks. Thanks to their regular use, the skin hardens quickly and becomes elastic and velvety soft. It is recommended to stop choosing gelatin-containing masks, as the molecules enter the skin cells quickly and promote their recovery after cleavage.

Simple gelatin mask

To make such masks, you only need to use light types of finely ground-edible gelatin. Before the mask, take dry gelatin (1 tbsp. L.), and water, or milk (2 tbsp. L.). The mixture is stirred and allowed to stand for about 15 minutes to completely dissolve the gelatin. Then place the container in a sauna and heat until the gelatin is liquid, but the mixture cannot be boiled. The mask is applied to the skin and rinsed off after 10-15 minutes.

Mask with kefir and gelatin

You need to take gelatin (1 tsp.) And soak it in milk (1 tbsp. L.). Then add kefir (1 teaspoon) and oatmeal (1 teaspoon). All components are mixed thoroughly and the resulting composition is applied to the face (you only need to use a warm product). During the operation, you should try to completely relax the muscles of the face. After half an hour you need to wash with warm water.

Mask with vitamins and gelatin

This mask perfectly lifts the contours of the face and has a mild light effect, over time age spots become almost invisible.

First, make a simple gelatin base – dissolve gelatin in water or milk, then add essential oil of peach (1 tsp) and an oil solution of vitamin E and A (5 drops each).

You need to take a horizontal position and relax the muscles of the face. The mask is left on the skin until it is completely dry (about 40 minutes). Then rinse with warm water. This mask tightens the skin and restores its healthy appearance and velvety appearance.

Homemade face lifting masks
Homemade face lifting masks

Lifting mask for the skin around the eyes

For such masks to be useful, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • The skin in this area is very thin so it is not possible to use simple face masks on it.
  • To remove the mask, you need to prepare an extract of herbs – for example, calendula, and chamomile.
  • It is necessary to apply the mask with light, gentle clapping movements of the fingertips so that the product does not get on the mucous membranes of the eyes.
  • Such procedures must be performed one hour before bedtime.
  • The length of the mask is not more than 15 minutes.
  • To apply the mask on the upper eyelid, it is necessary to use a cotton pad soaked in the product in advance.

Potato mask

You need to boil the potatoes, but without adding salt and mashing them to make mashed potatoes. Take 1 tsp. puree (only hot) and mix with 1 tsp. sour cream, then 0.5 teaspoons is introduced. Olive oil.

Olive oil mask

Mix olive oil (1 tbsp.) and chopped parsley (1 tsp.), and add potato starch (1 tsp.). This mask not only tightens the skin but also helps to remove inflammation.

Regular use of lifting masks at home will help to tighten the skin and get rid of wrinkles and swelling. The main characteristics of these products are their naturalness, in contrast to synthetic cosmetics, where various ingredients are added to their composition, which are not always useful.

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