Luxurious but Affordable Home Decor

Yes, you read right- Luxurious but Affordable Home Decor.
A lot of people believe that having house decoration items that looks good means that you have paid a lot for them, but Aysegul and Darshan Bansal from Hoboken, NJ, set out to prove them wrong.

Aysegul and Darshan Bansal are the owners of an Etsy store called: GoldenPillow, and there you’ll be able to find one of the most beautiful home decor items- pillows. I have to take a top there and emphasis that this is exactly why I love Etsy so much- being able to buy unique art and decor pieces from REAL people- in this case- a married couple who started this business together! But let’s go back to the pillows…
Pillows are so under-rated. People view them as “just there” when in fact- the right set of pillows could totally change the way a room feels and looks. In fact- I like to think of pillows as one of the most important accessories to your home- since if you get the right ones you’re not only adding undeniable style to your home- you’re also making it more cozy and relaxing.

I don’t now if you could tell- but this store not only offers you some cool and amazing (and high quality) throw pillow covers- but it also makes sure that every pillow cover could have another one, in the store, to match it and create a set.

Last but not least- the Golden Pillow Etsy store also offers you a variety of handmade baby plush toys and some creative plant holders… See more from this seller by visiting the store’s Pinterest page, Instagram account or in the store’s official page on Etsy.

Oh- and don’t forget to always mix and match!

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