Memorabilia Gifts – Fashion & Mugs with Vintage Prints

If you’re a true vintage fan- you’re gonna love MaggieBryantHistory Etsy shop! This unique little boutique on Etsy, owned by Maggie Bryant, is a sanctuary for old vintage brands, featuring 1930s-1950s American history banners over everyday items like mugs, tshirts, tank tops, hoodies, and more!

Buxom melons, Greeting from Kenosha, Sun chief, Wahoo, and many other brands- printed to perfection on your fashion item of choice, or decorating the coffee mug that will be your new favorite morning mug!

Vintage brand prints on coffee mugs

Drink your morning coffee with style, or gift these vintage printed mugs to a vintage lover- these unique ceramic mugs are simple, clean, microwave friendly, and made with love for the good old days!
A collection with more than 200 mugs with vintage brand prints-

Vintage brand poster tshirts & Hoodies

Just like the mugs, you can have these vintage American history prints on top of what you wear everyday! Combining efforts with large printing companies, Maggie found a trusted tshirts and hoodies supplier that prints her vintage brand designs over high quality wearables- for both men and women!

Here are some of my personal favorite vintage brand printed shirts from MaggieBryantHistory Etsy shop:

I have a great interest in recent American history as told through various products, such as old fruit/vegetable crate labels, postcards and Native American Indian art. (Maggie Bryant)

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