High Quality Designer Bow Ties from Kragujevac, Serbia

There are many things that can make a bow-tie great.
You got fabrics that shine, smooth to the touch, you got patterns that are making a statement, and you got the general comfortness of the item.

When it comes to bow ties, most people already know that the highest quality can be found over the ocean.
In Eastern European & Balkan countries you’ll probably find the highest quality of bow ties and the most interesting designers.

Now, before you get a ticket and pack a suitcase- you need to know that you can easily find high quality designer’s bow ties from these areas of the world- on Etsy!

A special shop on Etsy, by the name of middletieBowtiesShop, is the place to find the quality and style you are looking for. Striped bow ties, patterned bow ties, smooth satin bow ties, polka dots bow ties, and special oriental style bow ties- all waiting for you, in a click of a button.

These beautiful bow ties are the makings of Milena Vancetovic, a wonderful Serbian designer, working from Kragujevac, Serbia.

Learn more about Milena & her bow ties
on middletieBowtiesShop Etsy shop!

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