Miguel Brambila & his Acid Tshirts

have you ever looked at a plain tshirt and thought to yourself- I wonder how that shirt would look like if I painted it while in a rave? Cause I have to tell you- I have.
Thinking of old nature parties in Finland, and some crazy good times with trance music, was my instant reaction to Miguel Brambila’s tshirt collection on Etsy.

In his Etsy shop, MidnightTees, Miguel shares his unique mindset and artistic style with an amazing collection of print-all-over tshirts that are vintage-inspired and look like they came out of the best acid trip!
Oh, and they carry out the names of all of our favorite bands!

These tshirts are probably the best TEES on Etsy for nature parties and raves… However, I would double dare you to wear them under a jacket when you go to work!
I also think they’d make for an awesome boyfriend gift (given the fact that your boyfriend always lets you sleep in his tshirts…)

These tshirts are so awesome that Miguel thought (and I agree) that they deserve their own Instagram account! So, sharing some acid-love on Insta, this account is the best place to see Miguel’s new designs, and potentially- sales and promo codes!

Want to see more?
Visit MidnightTees Etsy shop today!

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