You Always Look Better In Silk

Silk, the most amazing fabric ever created, is the topic of this amazing Etsy store I’ve found today!

Charade Paris

Is the name of this awesome store that brings you super stylish silk scarves and bandanas. Anne F is the owner of this amazing store, and her style is simply… Everything I love combined together! A useful accessory (a scarf), made from my favorite fabric (silk) and designed with an artistic approach or lovely mandalas, flowers and dots. All of those colours together- are simply making me happy!
Just have a look at what Anna is creating:

This talented creator also has a unique way to showcase her scarves. As most Etsy sellers look for the most perfect models amongst their relatives to wear their items, Anna chose to combine graphics with reality and shows how amazing her scarves look… On a drawing!

Anna is shipping her handmade and self-designed silk wonders worldwide from Paris, and if you’ll order from her (her store link is HERE) this is what you have to look forward to:

Good luck Anna, from all of us at The Women Team!

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