New Earrings Designer from NYC Offers 20% Discount

If you’re looking for some beautiful and unique jewelry items- there’s no place better than New York City!
The Big Apple has some of the most unique jewelry designers in the world, and they are all about style and bling. However, if you can’t get yourself to New York- you can also login to it and shop online for amazing earrings from a new designer who lives in the big shiny apple city.

The name to remember is Nicole.
Jewelry making is her passion, and it’s quite a recent one of her’s after stumbling upon the field not too long ago. Nicole is a self-taught jewelry designer, and her lack of “official” training isn’t noticeable at all in her unique designs and ideas.

Nicole is a mother, and has a full time job. So how does she make time for jewelry design and opening an Etsy store?

Not easily.

However, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do- to make her dreams come true.

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