Sparimo- Bath, Body & Monthly Care Boxes

Taking care of your body is important, however, when purchasing care products women (and men) also consider 3 things- the scent of their care products, their colors, and how animal-friendly they are.
Decades ago people could still rationalize animal-testing of products by saying that they need to make sure certain beauty ingredients are safe for people, however, with so much research available already- going animal-friendly and not testing on animals- is the RIGHT way to make beauty and spa products!

One company that will give you all 4 essentials (quality, smell, color and a clear conches) is Sparimo!

In Sparimo you’ll be able to find so many care products like professional soaps and bath bombs, lip scrubs and lotions, and much more. These products can be purchased on demand, for you or as a gift for a friend, however… If you like having beauty and care products shipped to you each month- Sparimo got you covered!

Sparimo holds a monthly subscription with their very own beauty and spa package- every month! It’s like giving yourself a birthday gifts divided into 12

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