Wooden Planters & Outdoor Wooden decor

Wooden Planters & Outdoor Wooden decor

If you have a garden, front or back yard- Introducing the Wooden Planters & Outdoor Wooden decor, this post is for you!

While some people don’t feel the need to decorate their yard or garden as they would their living room, a lot of people these days understand that a garden or yard need the same amount of love and care from us as our insides… Maybe even more!
You get this huge territory, uninterrupted by walls, limited only by the nature around it… A beautiful piece of blank canvas to paint on. And what better way to do so with some wooden accessories and outdoor furniture – like planters?

Wooden planters, especially those who come in steps, are a great way to present flowers and herbs that you grow- while tripling the space you have in your yard! I recently found a special Etsy store that does just that- beautiful wooden planters, including high steps planters, by the name of RopedOnCedar!

RopedOnCedar Etsy shop has some amazing and unique wooden step planters- as they made them in various sizes, step numbers and heights:

On top of making these space saving wooden planters, the crafted people behind RopedOnCedar have also made this unique wooden sculpture of BIG FOOT!! (or by it’s other names: Yeti, Sasquatch).
This special monkey-fantasy-man is made using a chainsaw, and some extreme skills!

This bigfoot Sasquatch wooden sculpture is a perfect Christmas gift for anyone with a garden, or with bigfoot theories! I especially loved seeing it in the hands of a father of one of the buyer’s in this shop… Got this bigfoot wooden statue for his dad- and uploaded a photo of him – happy holding it!

On top of these unique items, or maybe better to say– next to them- you’ll also be able to find some simpler wooden boxes, flatter planter boxes, and even some gardening kits- like this one here- for growing things like potatoes, mint, onions and more!

Like what you see here? I can’t blame you!

Wooden Planters & Outdoor Wooden decor
Wooden Planters & Outdoor Wooden decor

RopedOnCedar is awesome

and visiting it is a must this holiday season!

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