After-Divorce Financial Advisory Webinar

In the past, going through a divorce was a bit of a taboo subject to talk about, but luckily, these days are different. I am not saying that it should be popular to get a divorce, I am simply saying that it should be OK to break up this holy vow, if you have done all you can do and just can’t be make the marriage work any longer.
Although the year is 2016, and you can see more and more women with successful jobs and careers, you still hear of women who simply don’t know how to act financially after their divorce.

Well, There’s A Webinar For That!

Michelle Jacobik (CPC), went through a divorce 7 years ago, and she was a wreck. Though it was her decision to end the 17 year partnership that just was not working, what came after that decision shocked her. Her mixed emotions caused by dealing with this new situation transformed into money spending, not only to keep the kids happy and coming back, but also to fill the loneliness gap when she didn’t have them. This she calls: Hitting up The Loneliness ATM again tonight!

Years after that, she decided no more. After getting back on her feet, Jacobik is now hosting webinars about the financial aspect of the divorce- from a women’s point of view. The webinar can be accessed via Jacobik’s website. For those of you who sign up for the $39 webinar in the next few days there’s a special gift- Jacobik’s offering a copy of her personal budget program that she uses with her coaching clients for FREE!

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