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Tuareg & Berber Vintage – Antique Jewellery From The Sahara

Tuareg & Berber Vintage – Antique Jewellery

Hey ladies, I hope you love rare vintage items around your body, cause this post is going to be a celebration of antique jewellery items you can only find on Etsy! I recently encountered a store called Tuareg Jewelry that holds over 150 interesting and unique jewellery in it’s virtual walls. The store, owned by Ineke Hemminga from Groningen, Netherlands, is a celebration of all that is unique and quality.

Part of the reason why I love Etsy so much is due to stores like Ineke’s, filled with rare one-of-a-kind items. As much as I love brands like Forever21 and H&M, wearing an item that no one else has feels like a special day to me, anytime I wear it. The store posses a handpicked collection of Tuareg & Berber Treasuries straight from the Sahara! Most of the jewellery at Tuareg Jewelry are about 20-30 years old… But true vintage lovers would be happy to hear that there are items far older than that.

The store also tells the story of the travels Ineke took to the Sahara, and her connection to that place led her to donate part of her store profit to support Tuareg nomads in South Algeria.

Let’s take a look at some of the rare items Ineke has in her store:

The store also offers a special LAYAWAY option: Up to 3 months Instillment Payment Plan – to pay for your purchase.

Tuareg & Berber Vintage – Antique Jewellery
Tuareg & Berber Vintage – Antique Jewellery

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And the store’s Facebook page: Jewelry

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