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Capricorn & Libra Designs

If you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe with some new psychedelic tshirts or add some psychedelic color to your living room sofa- you should really check out CapricornLibraDesign Etsy store. Operated by the owners of Capricorn & Libra website and online store, this special Etsy boutique is a great place to find affordable and unique psychedelic designs- printed on high quality tshirts, tote bags, pillow covers and more!

Etsy, the online market for handmade goods, is a home for a lot of artists (oil, acrylic and mousepad) that are sharing their passion with the world in hopes of being able to use that passion and that talent to support their family. It’s a REAL world out there- and the reason why I write about Etsy so much is that we need to make sure that we buy from REAL people!

Choosing quality over quantity- purchasing the unique over the cheap- that’s how our lives should be run- and CapricornLibraDesign is a great example of a good place to get quality items from- that is run by your everyday Joe!

The store has only opened recently and already made it’s first sale-
and seeing that always makes me happy!

You can find inspirational designs on CapricornLibraDesign Etsy shop with mandalas and all seeing eyes graphics – that will give you that sense of mystery and mystical energy- by having the, around. They also have the most amazing psychedelic patterns on everyday items- making sure you’ll never have a dull moment.

Find out more about CapricornLibraDesign’s shipping and prices on their Etsy store! And remember- this is a new seller and more items might be coming soon-

Capricorn & Libra Designs
Capricorn & Libra Designs

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