HomeRight Etsy Store Review


Hey ladies, I am back with you today to share one of the coolest Etsy stores I have found- HomeRight. This store holds several items with 2 main types that stand out  amazing and original pillow casings and one of a kind jewellery gift boxes.

HomeRight, owned by Michele Battise, is shipping it’s products within the US, and I just have to show you why it’s so great…

Give me some pillow talk…

The pillow covers you could find on HomeRight are like nothing else you have ever seen. It’s not just the unique texture that differentiate them from other Ikea covers, but even the fabric itself, at the highest quality possible.

Michele uses only the best fabrics for her works, quality materials such as silk, velvet, handwoven African, Guatemalan and other natural textiles, while creating the pillows in a modern and sophisticated way that would fit today’s home designs.

The cat pillow is one of my favourites, and I think that anyone who loves cats as much as I do will agree on that! On top of that, you could find so many different styles at HomeRight Etsy store… Just take a look at these 2 very different pillow covers, one with an Asian glare and the other in black-white and red combo.

The perfect box for your jewels

If you are looking for a unique and stylish jewellery box, or a special gift box that your friends would love almost as the gift itself- HomeRight has just the boxes for you. With over 7 completely different box designs, I picked these 2 to show you… The beige box, with the memories not on it, is a perfect box for saving old relationship souvenirs. A great gift for a love holiday or a birthday, even an anniversary.


The second box is a bit more personal and colourful… Made with a special printed fabric, you can add a touch of colour to your room and desk with this purple butterfly box. You should know that these boxes are made to be perfect, and even their insides are stitched perfectly. Just click on the image and see more items from this store and more images for each piece!

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