How To Put Up A wall Sticker?

How To Put Up A wall Sticker?

You are at:Home»Create»How To Put Up A wall Sticker? If you are like me you probably want your house walls to look amazing- without spending too much money or creating a big mess. You can always have a painter or a friend who’s an artist decorate your walls, but if you live in a rented apartment that might seem a bit too expensive, and actually a hassle when it would be time to move out. That’s why a lot of young people use wall decals. And not just young people who rent an apartment, also young parents that want to decorate their child’s room, but know that in few years time they will grow passed the design and find it childish.

If you need help with how to put up a wall sticker- read this post first (And wait for the end, we got some cool wall art recommendation for you…)-

  1. Look where you’re placing the wall decal! You will need a clean, dry and smooth surface to get the job done properly.
  2. Prepare your wall sticker to be installed. Place it in a comfortable place on a clean floor or a big enough table.
  3. Peel off the white backing paper, or any other substance on the sticker’s sticky side.
  4. Start by applying the high point of the sticker and move downwards. If you have someone to help you make sure the sticker is tight the entire time and that you are going in a straight direction that would be awesome.
  5. Remove the clear transfer tape off the wall decal.
  6. Look at your beautiful creation!

Now, let’s move on for the stickers I have found for you on Etsy!

In a post I wrote about the Frozen sensation I mentioned an Etsy store called StickItWallDecals. The store is truly a cool place to find your wall stickers and decorate your house with just a fraction of the price it will cost you to hire a professional painter. This store smells from childhood memories and will provide you with amazing wall decals that your children will love and will serve you loyally until your kids will grow up and want a different design. One of the wall decals I loved most in this Etsy store is this one, allowing you to add family photos and gracefully decorate a play room or your child’s bedroom:

How To Put Up A wall Sticker?
How To Put Up A wall Sticker?

Have fun with your designs ladies!

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