Managing Mental Illnesses

Having a mental illness can be more common than what people might think. So many people in our generation suffer from depression, social anxieties, post trauma and other illnesses- but get bad reactions to them.

Managing your mental illness could be a tricky thing… You have to be able to take care of yourself, but constantly affected by your environment. The surrounding of a person with mental illness can actually even determine if they would have a good life or not, and it’s important that we’d all understand how to act around people with mental illnesses, or more true to say- how not to act.

People with social anxiety would always feel like the odd bird of the bunch. Telling them they just acted weird could make this worse and might even make them not want to socialize. People with clinical depression might hear from their environment that they are weak cause they need to take pills- when, in fact, clinical depression is a biological state- where people NEED to take these pills, as if they were iron pills or b12 pills.

When you come across a person, a friend or a family member with a mental illness here are the best 3 things you could do:  1. Don’t hassle them about it. People have the tendency to constantly ask questions about a person’s mental condition and than offer their advise in the matter. If you are not a certified shrink or therapist and know the specifics of a person’s case- you can’t consult about it. 2. Listen well, and don’t push for more details. If a person with a mental illness shares their story with you- make sure that they feel like you are truly listening and that it’s ok for them to stop sharing at any moment. Asking them to go into further details might trigger an episode or start a set-back in their process.

3. Never judge. Till you’ve been in another person’s shoes- you can’t advise them how to walk in them. Try to keep bad thoughts and criticism for yourself.

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