Not to eat: How not to eat while exercising.

Not to eat while exercising.

Not to eat, when need a person? Why does bodybuilding 70% of your success depend on your diet? How should you eat to pump your arms up to 50 cm and at the same time not swim with fat? Find out now! For the athlete’s body to look beautiful, it is necessary to get rid of subcutaneous fat. At the same time, many athletes are convinced that the mass increase is incompatible with lightness. It is a completely wrong premise. The main thing is not to make mistakes when making a nutrition plan. Today we will talk about how not to eat during bodybuilding. We will now consider the most common mistakes in bodybuilding nutrition.

Mistake # 1: Do not eat fatty foods

When fewer calories are consumed during the day than entering the body with food, one cannot avoid the appearance of being overweight. You will gain fat even though you finish all the fat from your diet. Nutrients, carbohydrates, and protein compounds can also be converted into fat.

Most athletes understand that foods that contain carbohydrates (flour, sweets, potatoes, etc.) must be consumed in limited quantities. But protein supplements are different, and athletes consume an incredible amount of them.

But it would help if you remembered that the body could only process a certain amount of nutrients at a time, including protein compounds. With one meal, the body absorbs about 30 to 40 grams of protein.

Everything else is necessarily converted into subcutaneous fat. The longer you consume a lot of protein, the more massive and robust the fat deposits will be, and it will be tough to fight them. But it would help if you got back in fat. The body also needs this nutrient in specific amounts. The daily dose of fat consumed should not exceed 20 percent of the total caloric intake of the daily diet. It allows you to gain fat mass and make the cardiovascular system more efficient.

Mistake # 2: Fat is bad

This statement is, of course, correct, but only in part. There are types of fats that the body needs to get. For example, vegetable oils contain essential fats that are not present in other foods and cannot be produced in the body. But these fatty acids are used to produce anabolic hormones.

Also, in their absence, fat metabolism will be disrupted, which slows down the burning of subcutaneous fat during training. The most significant amounts of beneficial fatty acids are found in fish and flaxseed oil. Healthy fatty acids increase the effectiveness of the protective equipment. Removing them from your diet only harms your body. You must keep your fat intake between 10 and 20 percent of your total calories.

When a high-quality mass is reached, the general metabolism, which consists of the exchange of nutrients, changes. If you lower the rate of fat metabolism, then generally will suffer automatically. It is essential to consume fewer animals and more plant fatty acids.

Mistake # 3: You need to eat carbs to gain weight

And in this case, the statement is not entirely correct. Muscle tissue is composed of protein compounds, but carbohydrates are the primary source of muscle energy. If you consume them in small amounts, you will not be able to exercise much, which will automatically reduce the effectiveness of your exercises. During the day, you should consume 4 to 8 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight.

This range should not be exceeded but should not be consumed either. The above amount of carbohydrates will suffice for muscle tension and rapid recovery.

Mistake # 4: Lovers do not need protein supplements

Many enthusiasts are confident that they can be without protein supplements and, at the same time, make steady progress. You need to understand that your muscles have to grow in size anyway. For this, the body needs protein mixtures. If you consume less than 2 grams of protein compounds per day per kilogram of mass, your muscles will not grow.

Protein blends are used for more than just building muscle. They are the main factor in producing, for example, blood or hormones. If a protein deficiency develops in the body, muscle tissue is destroyed. Keep track of the number of protein compounds consumed, and you are assured of steady progress.

Mistake # 5: It’s enough to eat three times a day

These mistakes are prevalent among novice athletes, and if the conversation is about how not to eat while exercising, then it is simply necessary to remember it. In three meals, you cannot physically consume all the essential nutrients in the right amount.

To begin with, food that enters the gastrointestinal tract in large quantities is poorly processed. The body can produce a certain amount of digestive enzymes at a time. Some foods for which they are not sufficient are excreted in the intestines. It will only lead to excessive gas accumulation and poison the body with toxins.

In addition, it will convert excess nutrients into stored fat. You need to eat at least five meals a day to achieve your goals. However, it often does not mean much at all. You need to consume food in small portions within your daily calorie intake.

Mistake # 6: You eat little to lose fat

Any diet based on fasting will help you lose weight only for a short time. It is also essential to keep in mind that you will lose muscle mass along with subcutaneous fats. When the body does not get the necessary calories, it slows down all processes, including fat loss.

All the problems of a fasting diet are related to this – the weight disappears quickly at the initial stage and then comes back and often beyond that. If you want to lose weight constantly, add strength training to your cardio. Aerobic exercise speeds up your metabolism, allowing you to burn fatter.

not to eat while exercising.
Not to eat while exercising.

Mistake # 7: Fasting after overeating

This statement belongs to the category – of how not to eat while exercising. If you could not resist and went over the daily calorie content several times during the festival in one night, this isn’t good. However, fasting, as a result, will only get worse. Even if you consume only a few calories daily, your metabolism slows significantly.

Therefore, it will deprive the body of the necessary energy. Without adequate training is simply impossible. If you have broken your diet, do not complicate the problem by fasting. The day after overeating, merely return to your routine.

Mistake # 8: Chicken is better than other species

It’s not just chicken that is low in fat. There are also a few of these substances in beef tenderloin, fillets, or back. At the same time, beef is a more valuable source of iron and vitamins than chicken. If you found out somewhere. Athletes only need to consume chicken and do not believe such claims.


It is essential to understand that each person’s body has unique properties and assimilates a specific type of protein molecule better than others. However, it cannot be chicken either. It would help if you experimented with different protein compounds and not let them hang on to chicken alone.

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