Unique Digital Paper Packs, Clip Art Files & Background Photos

Unique Digital Paper Packs, Clip Art Files & Background Photos

These days, there’s more to eCommerce than shopping for clothes or accessories. More and more people find that their careers are going digital, or that their physical business is in need of some digital assistance. You have graphic designers and website builders needing graphic files that are allowed for commercial usage, alongside small business owners looking to DIY their way into their marketing plan- needing the suitable materials, unique digital paper packs, clip art files & background photos.

Whenever I need a special gift, or even a certain tool or material for my sewing hobby- I go to Etsy. The online market for handmade goods is my first stop with any of my shopping needs. And you’d be surprised just how many things you could find on Etsy.

On a special store called JulieDigitalArt, a designer by the name of Julia, is selling packages & sets of amazing and unique graphic files she made- making them available for people from all over the world- in a click of a button.
Her store holds “shelf” products, in the professional language, products that don’t “need” her to get to you! Once you find the graphic package you need- you order it and instantly download it from the Etsy panel!

Julia’s attraction to colors started at a young age, and she talks about how and why she set up her Etsy store, in the about section:

Since childhood, I liked drawing, and I wanted to make it my job. I worked in a kindergarten, in a shop, I got a diploma, I got a job in a big company. But this did not bring me pleasure … Once I came across Etsy, and I seemed to have wings! I started creating digital papers, backgrounds, cliparts – and really enjoyed it.

What I loved most about Julia’s story is reading how much having an Etsy store changed her life and lifted her spirit…

I took the most beautiful and beloved work and began to paint like a child! Now I’m happy, and I think that I have the most interesting work in the world. Everyone must do what he likes, then in the world there will be harmony

If you’re in need of high quality graphic files- you might want to stop by Julia’s Etsy store, where almost 400 packages are waiting just for you! She also makes sure to update her followers on Facebook and Twitter of everything she is planning- including fresh and interesting digital files- along with discounts and sales!

Her Pinterest account is a show of her deep passion for the Etsy community, and not only the graphic side of things. And if you want to get personal with this talented designer- follow her on Instagram– where you can see that her talent is not only with a mouse and a keyboard…

Unique Digital Paper Packs, Clip Art Files & Background Photos
Unique Digital Paper Packs, Clip Art Files & Background Photos

Enjoy your digital DIY time with Julia’s graphic packages!

Please note that when dealing with graphic files for commercial purposes you must have the appropriate licence for the files.  If you have questions regarding the way you are allowed to use Julia’s files – don’t hesitate to contact her through her Etsy store and ask anything you need!

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