Vegan Friendly Body Treats


The secrets of herbs, plants and fruit have always been there, and people were always using them to generate great skin products with amazing scents. However, something has happened to us ever since humanity has grown, and more and more cosmetic companies are now using ingredients in their products that are… Not so natural.

Most of the soaps, perfumes, lotions and products out there might smell like a wonderful tropical fruit- but the fact is that most of them contain dangerous substances, such as Paraben.

So, what do you say- are you ready for some actual goodness to be placed on your skin? If your answer is YES- this next Etsy store is totally for you! The store is called B&G Collections and it is owned by 2 sisters, twins, that do all they can to provide a large variety of skin care products while insuring 3 things: 1. Every product is natural, no Paraben or any other risky chemical! 2. No harm is done to any animal during production, and the products don’t contain anything from the animals and is 100% Vegan Friendly!

3. They simply smell AWESOME!

The 2 manage to achieve all of the above with great passion, the right education (one is a chemist and the other twin is a chemical engineer), and of course with a great sense of what women like to put on their skin! They use only the best ingredients in their skin care creations, such as: Coconut milk, Lavender essential oils, Shea butter, Dead Sea salt- and much much more!
In their Etsy store you’ll find a nice collection of soap bars, in different scents and herbal qualities, alongside lipsticks, lotions and more!

The store also offers care-packages, perfect for Mother’s Day or any other occasion!

See more from these 2 wonder twins HERE!

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