Waste Not Recycled Art!

Waste Not Recycled Art

I love Etsy. I love the fact that you can get handmade products from real people instead of giving more money to big retailers like Wallmart or Amazon. But mostly- I like the creativity. And this Etsy store I’m about to tell you about is so creative even I was surprised! This store is called Waste Not Recycled Art and it takes the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” into a whole new level.

Store owners, Mandy and Greg Walts, live in Weedsport, NY, United states, but their amazing merchandise can be shipped to anywhere in the world. Their business started with Mandy, and as the business grew she had to start working from home to keep up with the orders. The business was blooming and for the past 3 years Mandy and Greg are living the Etsy couple dream since Greg quit his day job to help manage the business alongside his wife. These people are truly my inspiration. In Mandy’s own words they are “buried in wood” but I don’t think they would have it any other way.

In their unique store you could get amazing handmade items like:

Personalized Photo Ornaments made from tree branches
Walk with me DADDY- Personalized PHOTO Giclee MoUNTED prints- custom made to order- 13″ x 28″
Personalized Photo Blocks- set of 14 Letter Blocks- GRANDMA and GRANDPA
ULTRASOUND pictures on Photo Blocks for the Mom-To-Be
GRADUATION Photo Letter Blocks- set of 10- made to order in your school colors
Photo Blocks- NANA- set of 4 Letter Blocks
PHOTO GiFT for Mom WOOD- MOM Personalized Larger Photo Blocks- set of 3

And this is just the tip of the 500+ items they have in their store- all ready to be Personalized with your photos and lives in them! So go ahead and check out the rest of their items, and make sure to place your order as fast as you can- this is the BEST Xmas gift you could possibly give to your loved ones!

Waste Not Recycled Art
Waste Not Recycled Art

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