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Are You Addicted To Sweets Like Me?

Are You Addicted To Sweets Like Me

I just can’t get enough of sweets! Give my chocolate chip cookies, give me hot cocoa, give my vanilla ice-cream- just give me something sweets like me!
With my love for sweets in mind I decided to look for interesting new sweets to try, and surprise… Found a sweet sweet store- on ETSY! Could you believe it? The place where I do all of my jewellery and accessories shopping- had sweet in it all this time!

This PERFECT Etsy store you should get to know, if you’re into sweet stuff like me, is called SweetAddict. This store is for true sweet-addicts, ships worldwide from Colorado, United States, and with over 4000 sales- this store is a huge success!

This store is owned by Deidre, and she simply makes my heart sing! You’ll be able to find at her Etsy store a variety of sweets of any kind. From special caramel sauces to top your ice-cream, to amazing marshmallow cream. You could find amazing sauces to use for meat cooking, as well as recipes on how to cook your desired meal using Deidre’s sauces! On top of the sauces, that are all handmade by Deidre, you could also enjoy a whole “collection” of amazing chocolate treats like truffles, red-velvet truffles, chocolate dipped pretzels and more! Reviews are super amazing, and with over 1,200 reviews you know you’re gonna get a special treat to your house that’s gonna come fresh and delicious! It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a big event or want to spoil yourselves- Deidre’s sweet shop is the best way to do it. Just have a look at her treats:

The Women Team best tip for this Etsy store:

If you have a loved one that lives far away- this would be the perfect way to make sure they have a sweet day! So surprise a loved one with some chocolate for their birthday, get your girlfriend some red-velvet truffles delivered to her house, or send your mom an early xmas present! The sky is the limit when you have this amazing Etsy seller that makes amazing treats and sell them online to basically anywhere in the world!

Are You Addicted To Sweets Like Me
Are You Addicted To Sweets Like Me


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