Best Customized Gifts For Men (Handmade Docking Stations from Macedonia)


Holiday season is almost here and the online gift shopping season starts now!
If you’re a woman doing Christmas shopping, on any kind of birthday/celebration shopping, than you know by now that shopping for men is always harder than shopping for women.
Most men would like to receive something practical, while women would just love anything that looks or smells good. So- what do men need?

If you got an office man- you need this docking station!

A docking station is one of the most important things men place on their office or study desks. You can pretty much place everything you need on them- your phone, your sunglasses, your watch and even your car and home keys.
One company from Macedonia is making the most stylish and organizing docking stations for men- Formdecor.

Martin, the owner of Formdecor, uses Etsy to sell his beautiful hand-crafted docking stations for your office and study room, and they are fully customized for the perfect gift for any guy in your life!
You can have a beautiful wooden docking station with your guy’s name on it (and also with a female name if this gift is for a woman, or for yourself).

Their docking stations are perfect since they have a place to insert a smartphone charging cable, allowing you to be practical while cleaning up the wire-mess on your desk. They are a perfect gift for your boyfriend’s birthday, for your anniversary, for Father’s day- and mostly- it’s the perfect gift for HIM for Christmas!

My personal favorite docking station design by Formdecor is this really cute Game of Thrones, House of Stark, docking station-

Wooden Docking Station,game of thrones,winter is coming,got,stark,game of thrones gift

Learn more on Formdecor in their Etsy store!

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