Top 7 Gift Ideas For Your MAN


If you have a Man’s birthday coming up soon- you must feel the frustration already. It doesn’t matter if you need to get a gift for your brother, father or lover- getting gifts for guys is always so very difficult.

That’s why The Women Team has gathered the TOP 7 GIFTS you could get any man- online! (without even leaving your nice comfy bed:)). Ready to start? (PS, you need to get started girl- XMAS is right around the corner!)

Gift Idea #1 – If you got a bearded man…

Try showing him some love with a gift that he could put into good use– like this cool beard care kit that is simply here to make sure that his beard is nice and neat! This could be the perfect birthday gift for a friend or a brother, or a moving-in gift for your boyfriend!


Gift Idea #2 – If you know your man carries a laptop all day…

Why not be nice and spoil him with a cool leather bag to carry his laptop in? (Actually, when I think about it, I wouldn’t mind that bag either- so this could also be a gift for a female friend…)


Gift Idea #3 – For the frequent traveler

Does your guy have extra mile points from all the travel he’s doing? Get him a stylish and crafty leather passport holder… He’ll thanks you for that!


Gift Idea #4 – If you know an artist…

Than this could be the perfect gift for them! A notebook holder with a designed place for pencils and pens. For those long days sitting at the beach and drawing whatever comes to mind…


Gift Idea #5 – For the true bad-guy…

Cause you can’t be a true bad ass without a strong yet stylish handbag. Great for those “Rino Ranes” kind of guys, the ones we all say we would never date- but end up falling for!


Gift Idea #6 – You can never go wrong with a shirt.

You know why? Cause guys hardly ever do shopping- and are always in need of another t-shirt. Especially if it’s as cool as this one over here:


Gift Idea #7 – If all hope is lost…

You need to drink up!
And what better way to do that other than to get your guy a special Whisky carafe, that is tilting like the PIZA?


We hope that you found the perfect gift for your man!
If you liked any of the items- simply click on the image or the bolded link to get more details like prices and shipping times.
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