A bandage: Should you wear a bandage during pregnancy?

a bandage during pregnancy

A bandage; how relieving back pain? What is a bandage, and when is it necessary to use it? In those cases, using the wound and applying it correctly is impossible.

What is a bandage?

A bandage is an orthopedic product that performs medical and cosmetic purposes. It can fix the fetus in the correct position and protect the abdominal wall muscles from overstretching. It also helps reduce stress on the spine and internal organs, relieving back pain.

Must use the bandage if:

  • There is a scar on the uterus.
  • There is a risk of termination of pregnancy in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.
  • Number, polyhydramnios, the large size of the fetus.
  • Changing the presentation of the fetus from breech to cephalic position.
  • The low part of the placenta.

It is preferable to use a bandage when:

  • Re-pregnancy, where the abdominal wall can stretch harder and faster.
  • Weak muscles in the anterior abdominal wall.
  • If there is osteochondrosis.
  • If the pregnant woman is experiencing a lot of exercises (cleaning the house, walking, exercising, cooking).

When should a bandage not be used?

Do not use the bandage when the fetus is in the wrong position: in the middle or legs.

Types of wound dressings for pregnant women

There are three types: universal, pre-natal, and post-natal. By incision, they are also divided into bandages and bandages.

  • Because the bandage pants have a tight material weave, it has a supportive effect. It is straightforward to use, as it is worn both over and instead of underwear.
  • Wear the wound belt over clothes or underwear; it also supports the abdomen due to the central stiffness of the tape.
  • Universal bandages got their name from their use during pregnancy and after childbirth. They have narrow and wide sections that are used in different ways. During pregnancy, the wide part of the support product should be on the lower back and, after childbirth – on the abdomen.
a bandage during pregnancy
a bandage during pregnancy

How to put it on the packaging?

  • Start using the bandage from the 20th week of pregnancy due to increased fetal growth.
  • Please place it in the supine position to fix the fetus in an upright position and even the load distribution. But neither standing nor sitting.
  • You can’t wear a bandage all day; you need to take a break for half an hour after 3 hours and usually go in the evening.
  • If you begin to feel pain in the abdomen or the baby starts to push actively, loosen the bandage or remove it, but be sure to visit the doctor.
  • Apply the wrap from week 39 as needed (long walks or homework) when the belly starts to sink, and the baby gradually starts to prepare for birth.

Suppose you immediately start using a postpartum bandage (in the first days and weeks). In that case, this will allow you to quickly restore the tone of the muscles and skin of the abdomen, help to cope with stress on the back, and improve the silhouette of the waist, abdomen, hips, and buttocks.

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