Chokers Are Back !

Yup, you read right- Chokers Are Def Back! The most amazing thing about the 90’s is making a huge comeback in the past few years with major celebrities showing off their high-end chokers! Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Ashley Tisdale, Jessica Alba, Ciara and more- are wearing them to go anywhere and everywhere! From fashion shows, to Grammy awards, from a shooting day to the daily lives- everyone wants the chokers back!

As you know I have a deep obsession with Etsy, thus I set out to find the best store that sells chokers on Etsy. I was looking for a store that sells both simple black chokers as well as black lace chokers, a store that sells blingy and shiny chokers, and most important- that ships these amazing chokers to the US and Canada! And I found one! The name of this superb Etsy store is MarvellaByFrances and it’s owned by one Aikaterini Frances from Montreal, Canada.

But there’s more to this store than just the actual chokers, and this is the true magic of Etsy- it’s all about the people, the creation, the reason for making awesome stuff. And this seller has the best reason. As you know- art is one of the best ways to fight off depression, anxiety or any kind of mental illness, and Aikaterini Frances needed art when she was separated from her husband. The stress from the separation led her to jewelry, and she found that making jewelry is just what she needed… And she rocks the jewelry scene with her amazing chokers:

This seller also makes amazing choker inspired cuffs and bracelets, click HERE to see more!
Last msg from our seller: Always believe in yourself and your creations!!

Good luck to you- from all of us at The Women Team!

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