The Etsy Store That Will Help You Style Your Hair !

Will Help You Style Your Hair

Yup- you read right! If you’re getting up in the mornings with messy hair and struggling with a blow-dryer and a straightener- there’s an Etsy store that will help you fix and style your hair, while you sleep, and wake up in the morning looking like a Million dollars!

If you’ll be looking just at the name of the store- you won’t even imagine that it’s hair-related. This Etsy store is called: Sleep In Comfort– so not hair-related, right?
You might look at the name and think that the seller, Diana, is selling pillows or blankets, but no- she’s selling those heavy and clumsy hair rollers that will make the style your hair look great- but when she makes them– they are not clumsy at all!

The name is driven from the fact that up until few years ago women had to go to bed with those giant curls and sleep in the most uncomfortable positions in order to have great and natural-looking curls in the morning– but not with Diana’s product. With amazing hair rollers and hair bun-holders, Diana has managed to turn an old fashion accessory that was big and ugly into something soft and pretty… Just look at those amazing products she makes (by hand) and will help you get the perfect morning hair or hold your hair in the perfect position during the day:

Some of Diana’s hair rollers:

Amazing hair-bun-makers for day-time usage:

Diana is going to re0brand soon, and showcase her work in her new website under a new name- My Easy Curls! The perfect name for the perfect hair accessory! Her store stands in line with everything we at The Women Team are trying to promote- shopping online from REAL people, REAL families and REAL handmade goods! As her store is actually a small family business– buying from private people is always better that shopping at huge chains! So- make sure to favorite her Etsy store to always get alerts about new stuff!

Will Help You Style Your Hair
Will Help You Style Your Hair

Good luck Diana!

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