Unique and Amazing Porcelain Art

If you’re looking to add some one-of-a-kind porcelain art item to your home- I’ve got just the right Etsy store for you! Store is called Amitaarts, and it’s owned by the talented Amita Chandekar, who is shipping her amazing porcelain items worldwide from California, USA.

What Amita does is actually quite special- she takes ordinary porcelain items and gives them her unique touch with her crafty and artistic hands… Making sure every porcelain piece is unique and could give some personality to any room it’s in. Her items, after painting on them, are heat set for lasting colors and durability- making sure this is one item that will last you a long time, and will keep it’s vibrant colours. But, enough said- let’s have a look at some of the amazing one of a kind porcelain items you’d be able to find at Amita’s store:

Amita also takes custom offers, all you have to do is to contact her via her Etsy store and see what she can do for you! Her custom offers could be an amazing gift for any occasion, and with that kind of personalization- you know your loved ones would always be happy! So check out her store, and enjoy two more porcelain drawings by Amita:

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