Strengthen nails: Features of strengthening nails at home

Strengthen nails

Strengthen nails; how to do it at home? Find out what tools and techniques you can use to strengthen your nails at home. Strong and healthy nails are one of the main aspects of female beauty. Many women are faced with such inconveniences as brittle and peeling nails. But can eliminate this problem easily and quickly. To do this, it is enough to strengthen nails; you can also use effective and affordable folk remedies at home or a professional cosmetologist’s advice.

Why do nails start to fall off?

Before you start looking for effective remedies to strengthen nails, you need to determine the exact reason that caused the problem:

  • The use of household detergents, including powders, can affect the protective function of the nails.
  • With a long and frequent stay of nails in water, they absorb too much moisture, which is why they become very brittle and brittle.
  • Smoking not only poisons the whole body, but it can also seriously destroy the nail plate, resulting in darkening and deformation.
  • Acetone, part of nail polish remover, dries the nail plate significantly. Due to the lack of moisture, the nails gradually lose their flexibility and become very brittle.
  • Damage to the nail plate was caused by mechanical stress.
  • Sharp changes in air and water temperature violate the natural protection of the nail, and therefore its damage begins. Also, the cuticle becomes very dry.
  • An unbalanced and insufficient diet can cause deterioration of the condition of the nails. If the body lacks vitamins D, E, and A, as well as valuable minerals, the nails suffer first.
  • In some cases, the reason for the deteriorating condition of the nails is diseases of the thyroid gland, diabetes, hormonal imbalance, frequent stressful situations, long-term use of certain drugs, and fungal infections.

How do you prevent brittle and peeling nails?

To avoid this problem, you must follow the following recommendations:

  • Do not wash your hands with very cold or hot water.
  • Dry your hands after washing.
  • When in contact with household materials, it is essential to use protective rubber gloves.
  • Before going out into the cold weather, you need to wear gloves made of natural materials.
  • Taking a short break between nail extension procedures is essential so that the nail plates have time to recover.
  • To remove nail polish, it is recommended to use a product that does not contain acetone.
  • The benefits come with the regular use of particular therapeutic baths, supplemented with natural ingredients.
  • Every day you need to shave the skin on your hands and your nails.
  • It is recommended to use unique strengthening materials for the nail plate constantly.
  • It is necessary to take vitamin complexes.
  • Nutrition should be complete and balanced.
  • Drinking at least 1.5 liters of clean water per day is helpful.
  • Before applying the varnish, it is necessary to use a protective coating.

Secrets of the proper manicure at home

During a manicure, damage to the nail can lead to brittleness or splitting.

 It is straightforward to avoid damage if you follow these tips:

  • Do not file dry nails;
  • You do not need to use nippers or scissors to process the free edge of the nail;
  • It is essential to choose the correct nail file – the ideal choice would be ceramic or glass, since they, unlike metal, damage the nail plate much less;
  • File the nail in the direction from the edge to the middle;
  • It is better to do an unedged manicure instead of bending;
  • The cuticle needs to be constantly nourished and moisturized;
  • It is helpful to treat nails with creams and oils.

How to strengthen nails with bio wax?

Recently, the method of polishing nails with a particular biological wax has become more and more popular. It can be performed by a master in a beauty salon and by every woman independently at home. This drug has unique properties; it helps to strengthen the thin nail plate, and there is a faster recovery of the nail. Marigolds also acquire a more attractive appearance.

Such preparations as bio wax are developed based on natural beeswax; it may also contain propolis, valuable minerals, resins, beta-carotene, and other vitamin complexes.

Bio-wax has the following effects:

  • Strengthening and restoring the nail plate that is prone to delamination;
  • It is not only softening but also nutrition of the cuticle;
  • It has a practical anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Moisture is inside the nail plate;
  • Cuticles and cuticles are reliably protected against harmful effects from external factors;
  • There is a faster recovery of the injured and weakened nail plate after a procedure such as a nail extension.

If you follow a few simple tips, you can polish your nails with bio wax at home:

  • The wax is rubbed directly into the nail plate and cuticles.
  • Use the softest possible file for a few minutes to file the nail.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the nail’s free edge when polishing, as clearance begins in this area.
  • After polishing, a small amount of nourishing oil is applied to the cuticles – apricot kernel oil, avocado, and olive oil are perfect.
  • After polishing the nail with bio wax, it is worth avoiding using varnish for a while, as the beneficial substances must have time to be absorbed and start working.
  • This method can be performed as needed several times a week.

Strengthening nails with gel polish

The gel poly was created based on simple polishing by adding special resins and other nutrients.

 Gel polish has many advantages, unlike simple varnish:

  • Strengthens the nails and prevents the beginning of their detachment;
  • Thanks to a special coating, the surface of the nail plate is protected against various mechanical effects;
  • The gel polish contains proteins that provide additional nutrition;
  • It helps get rid of irregularities on the surface of the nail plate;
  • The color of gel polish maintains a glossy shine for several weeks. It does not come off, so the manicure remains almost perfect for a long time.

Like simple nail polish, a firming gel pad is applied. The main difference is that one must use a unique UV lamp to dry the gel polish. This skin option is easy to do at home, or you can trust an experienced master.

Strengthen nails
Strengthen nails

If the gel polish is applied independently at home, you must follow the following steps:

  • First, the nail’s free edge is processed, giving it the desired shape.
  • The upper keratin layer of the nail is removed with special polishing. You need to work very carefully to avoid damaging the nail plate too much.
  • Nails are treated with a particular degreasing solution, which can replace with regular alcohol. Thanks to this, the gel pack will last much longer and will not chip.
  • A particular base coat is applied, which needs to be dried for about 10 seconds under a UV lamp.
  • Then a layer of colored gel polish is applied, which is dried for 2 minutes under a UV lamp.
  • The final coating is dried under a UV lamp for one minute.

After applying the gel polish, you can be sure that the nails are reliably protected and strengthened, the manicure will remain in an almost perfect condition for several weeks, and no additional correction is necessary.

Strengthening nails with cream

It is helpful to use a special cream for daily nail care. It is necessary to choose products containing minerals, vitamins, collagen, keratin, panthenol, seaweed extract, and other valuable elements.

It is straightforward to use this kind of cream; the main thing is to do it regularly. The product is only applied to the clean surface of the nail. Still, then it is carefully rubbed in until it is completely absorbed. You can use cream to strengthen nails and leave it overnight to increase the positive effect; it is recommended to wear thin cotton gloves.

Healing varnish to strengthen nails

In specialty stores and pharmacies, you can buy a special varnish designed to treat and restore nails. This varnish is no different from simple colorless. The composition of this tool contains nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that penetrate the nail plate and ensure its strengthening from the inside.

Among the advantages of medical varnishes is that they reliably protect the nail from the effects of various external factors, the nail plate is strengthened, and its surface is leveled. The product can be used as a base for varnish or as a base coat.

Mask to strengthen nails

  • Lemon peel is taken, and the nail plate is massaged for a few minutes. Then you must wash your hands with cold water and apply all the nourishing cream. Lemon juice not only strengthens the nail plate. It is recommended to use this tool to enhance nails no more than once a week, as lemon juice has an aggressive effect.
  • A small amount of natural beeswax is melted in a water bath. Fingers are dipped in the mixture for a few seconds and then dipped in cold water. The wax will harden on the nails, after which you must put on cotton gloves and leave the mask on overnight. Beeswax has a healing effect on the nail plate, perfectly nourishes, and accelerates recovery.
  • Lemon juice is mixed with honey in equal amounts. The resulting composition is applied to the nails. The mask is washed off after 15 minutes with warm water. The nail plate is saturated with nutrients and thus becomes more elastic.
  • Take the same amount of cocoa butter, natural honey, and coconut oil. The resulting composition is rubbed into the nail plate and left for 15 minutes. Remnants of the mask are removed with a napkin.
  • Olive oil is applied to the nail plate and cuticles and left for a while until it is completely absorbed. This tool will help quickly eliminate the problem of dry cuticles and peeling nails.
  • Sea salt (1 tablespoon) is mixed with essential oils (1 drop) and water (1 drop). To strengthen nails, it is recommended to use ylang-ylang, lemon, rosemary, bergamot, or eucalyptus oil. The composition is gently rubbed into the nail plate. This procedure must be carried out several times a week.
  • Egg yolk (2 pcs.) is beaten with honey (1 tbsp. L.), then heated milk (4 tbsp. L.) is added. The resulting composition is applied to the nails, and after 10 minutes, it is washed off with warm water.
  • Burdock oil (30 ml.), Lemon essential oil (20 drops), and rosemary oil (20 slides) are taken. The composition is thoroughly mixed until it has a uniform consistency. The finished product lubricates the nail plate several times a week. With regular use of this composition, the damaged nail plate is quickly restored, its color improves, and the problem is prevented from recurring.

Strengthening weakened and injured nails can be done quickly enough at home. For this purpose, you can use the above tips and tricks.

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