Rebuild Your Credit With Derrick Pickett’s New Book

If you are interested in getting financially smarter- start with your credit score! I came across a new book advising single women on how to rebuild their credit.

Released by a Georgia author, “The Credit Game” is a book telling single women how to rebuild their credit and get financially stable after a financial disaster.

Knowing how a bad credit can make your life difficult, especially for single women, inspired Georgia author Derrick Pickett write down “The Credit game – how to play and win: A guide to credit restoration for single women.”

Quoting the book:
“Your credit rating will determine how much you can do in some many places. Bad credit will hold you back. Good credit will push you forward,” Mr. Pickett says. “I have helped a lot of people rebuild their credit so they can lead the life they want to have.”

“The Credit Game” will take you step-by-step and will guide you on how to approach the credit process, starting with a basic and easily understandable explanation of what a credit rating is. After the basic know-hows, you could find usable tips that would help you maintain a good credit score.

“My book explains everything you need to know. I take complicated industry terms and put them in plain English,” Derrick says. “The book tells you how your credit rating is determined. That’s really a key part of the book. Once you know what goes into your credit report and score, then you know what to work on.”

For more information about Derrick Pickett and his book, visit Total Source CS.  

A bit about the author- Derrick Pickett holds a BS from Ft. Valley State University.
He has founded several businesses and is now a credit repair specialist and life coach.

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